About Us

Founded in 2002, BTE - IMT MACHINERY is headquartered in Ereğli, Turkey. Our company is specialized in metal bending, forming, drilling, cutting and pressing machines as well as cut to coil - slitting lines, pipe profile lines and welding solutions. We export to 22 countries on 5 continents. 

Part of IMT MACHINERY, BTE MAKINA is our brand in Turkey, for domestic sales!

Our leading edge factory manufactures machinery for automotive, marine and aviation, construction, heating, cooling, energy, petro-chemistry and defense industries. We are proud to supply equipment to the factories of the world’s leading companies. Our precise quality control processes, inspection of each piece with due care and the use of world’s leading brands brought BTE - IMT MACHINERY to the leadership position in the industry. 

We have built tremendous technical Know-How because of our years of experience in building machines coupled with close collaboration with our customers. The quality of the work our machines produce is second to none. Our products are engineered and constructed to meet specific end-user needs for precision, production requirements and exacting material parameters. With our in-house design and custom build capabilities we are able to produce custom solutions for any challenge, which we thrive to take on. 
We believe in the highest standards. Our after sale support and service professionals help make sure that any issues that our customers may bring up is promptly addressed. We know that we can only lead the way in our field when we have happy customers, who make our community. Our discipline in supporting our customers makes us and our dealers standout amongst others. 

We commit to providing competitive advantage to our clients, delivering tailored solutions and state-of-the-art machines. Our partnership with our customers doesn’t end at the product delivery: after we install the machines, we service them on site and provide other support. BTE - IMT MACHINERY!


Corporate Values


IMT MACHINERY  principles are simply based on consumer satisfaction, environmental and humanistic treatment, being pioneer and the most creative in market and satisfied labors.

When creating corporate values, IMT MACHINERY  accepted that customer satisfaction, respect for human beings, respect for environment, target leader and most creative company in sector as basic principles.


Customer Satisfaction comes First for IMT MACHINERY


  • IMT MACHINERY  principles are simply based on consumer satisfaction, environmental and humanistic treatment, being pioneer and the most creative in market and satisfied labors.
  • IMT MACHINERY  first listen to you to understand your expectations and problems and then immediately take action to find best solution and solve your problems on-time.


Ethical Acts

  • IMT MACHINERY  behaves ethically to employees and collaborators at all time.


Creative and Innovative

  • This task is mostly preferred by our customers for multi-optional products those are used in several projects based on wide range operations.
  • Our customers would like to see that IMT MACHINERY  is a creative and innovator company especially when using more than one product or project-based business.
  • IMT MACHINERY  acts always in one of first companies to design realizable projects.
  • IMT MACHINERY  search best solutions and opportunities to improve existing conditions and systems.


Uncompromising in Market-Leader goal

  • IMT MACHINERY  goals to transfer its achievement and dignity to future with being parallel to global industry.
  • One of the target of IMT MACHINERY  is transferring its own success and prestige from today to future according to globalization period.
  • IMT MACHINERY  accepts to be pioneer in all sectors those concern.
  • IMT MACHINERY  adopt to be leadership in all interested sectors.
  • IMT MACHINERY  is aware of what future can bring so that it redirects experiences and knowledge correctly.
  • IMT MACHINERY  sees opportunities in the future, and guides you to experience and knowledge.


Employees are the most valuable assets for IMT MACHINERY .

  • IMT MACHINERY  respects the rights of all employees.
  • Maintains safety and health conditions.
  • IMT MACHINERY  believes that basis ofemployee happiness and motivation for sustainable success.
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